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Executive Director, Bill Higgins.   Mr. Higgins is an enthusiastic regionalist and enjoys working on the day to day policy issues that improve the ability of regional governments to serve their member cities and counties.  Mr. Higgins joined CALCOG as its executive director in 2011.  Previously, he spent 11 years as a senior staff attorney, program manager, and legislative representative for the League of California Cities and its nonprofit affiliate, the Institute of Local Government.   There, he focused his efforts on local and regional planning, housing, economic development, and land use policy.  He has been an adjunct professor at Sonoma State University and teaches periodic classes through the UC Davis and UCLA Extension Programs.  Mr. Higgins obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture & Resource Economics from Oregon State University and a law degree from the University of Minnesota. 

(916) 717-8324


Director of Sustainability, Tanisha Taylor.  Ms. Taylor is a proud graduate of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, one of the nation’s esteemed historically black colleges and universities.  She is responsible for statewide coordination efforts between the state’s 18 MPOs and numerous state agencies.  Her current work efforts include work on the Regional Transportation Plan Guidelines and SB 375 implementation efforts.  Prior to joining CALCOG, Ms. Taylor served as a Planning Manager at the San Joaquin Council of Governments for 11 years. 

(916) 204-5717