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ACTC Goes for the Gold

Kids in Alameda County are flying high. 

Approximately 65,000 participated in this year’s Golden Sneaker Contest.  The annual competition challenges students to get to and from school using green modes of transportation like walking, biking, taking the bus, or carpooling.  The classroom at each school with the greatest increase in green trips received a Golden Sneakers trophy donated by the Golden State Warriors.

The overall trophy—the Platinum Sneaker Award—was awarded to the school with the greatest increase in green trips.   This year’s winner, Malcolm X Elementary, saw 77% of their students get to and from school by walking, biking, taking transit, or carpooling.  Students were honored at the March 23 ACTC commission meeting. 

The program is sponsored by Alameda County’s Safe Routes to School Program and funded by Alameda County Transportation Commission and Metropolitan Transportation Commission . ACTC started funding the program in 2007 i to decrease traffic congestion, reduce pollution, encourage physical activity, and build a sense of community. And given how much the program has grown, it seems to be working!  Alameda County’s SR2S website provides a toolkit and flyers in both English and Spanish. 

No word yet on whether the Warrior-donated trophies are having an effect on the students’ three-point shooting.


Posted by Kim Danko on Tuesday, May 23, 2017