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WRCOG Launches Streetlight Program

Cities Save Money; GHG Emissions Reduced

Regional Streetlight Program is an ongoing effort between WRCOG and its member jurisdictions to identify the feasibility of acquiring 63,000 streetlights from Southern California Edison (SCE), retrofit them to cost-effective and energy-efficient lights, and provide regional operations and maintenance as needed.

WRCOG has launched five Streetlight Demonstration Areas in Hemet to showcase new lighting technologies that are being considered for widespread use as part of this Program.  The Demonstration Areas enable members of the public to view and comment on what types of streetlights they would want to see installed in other participating jurisdictions in Western Riverside County. 

Community members can visit the Demonstration Areas and provide input on visual and aesthetic preferences of the lights, how safe they make the neighborhood feel, and how well-lit they keep the streets.  Physical surveys can be downloaded above and sent to WRCOG at  Or, you can respond online by scanning the QR code displayed on tags on the streetlight poles (click here for example) and provide input through your smartphone.




Posted by Bill Higgins on Thursday, January 5, 2017 | ©

CALCOG (2016)  WRCOG photo.