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Regional Leadership Forum 2018

Regional Leadership Forum 2018

Regional Leadership Forum 2018

Regional Leadership Forum (v.2018)

With the theme "Takin' It to the Streets!" we are going to explore the ways that SB 1 is making California a better place to live, work, and thrive.  (We tried booking the Doobie Brothers to bring this theme back to its California origins, but were told that the heady presentations at the Forum created a vibe too wonky to play the music as it was intended). We will blend the focus on new transportation investment with our usual thought-provoking sessions about regional governance. Join us.









Special Issue Workshop:   What SB 375 Target Setting Means to You

  • How are cities around the nation thinking about the future?  In 2016, U.S. DOT asked the question and this is what they heard (link)
  • Tanisha Taylor, Director of Sustainability, CALCOG 

Goods Movement, Rail & Local Communities

  • Wes Lujan, Vice President of Public Affairs, Union Pacific

Autonomous Vehicles & Congestion Planning

  • Habib Shamskhou, President, Advanced Mobility Group

Disruptions in Retail Economy

  • Larry Kosmont, President/CEO, Kosmont Companies

Cyber Security & Public Infrastructure  (large file)

  • Ash Padwal, President, Allied Telesis

Implementing Senate Bill 1   (Two Overview Slides for Discussion)

  • Fran Inman, Chair of the California Transportation Commission
  • Susan Bransen, Executive Director, California Transportation Commission
  • Eric Thronson, Chief Consultant, Assembly Transportation Committee

Legal Reminder:  Campaigns & Public Resources (Discussion Item - No Presentation)

  • Educate, don't Advocate - plus a link to an informative pamphlet by the Local Government Commission (PDF)
  • Bill Pellman, Partner, Nossaman LLP 

SB 1 Economic Impact Summary & Campaign Report

  • Kiana Valentine, Senior Legislative Representative, California State Association of Counties

Keynote Speaker:  The Power of Storytelling  (link to article on Matthew's Tips for Great Storytelling)

  • Additional Storytelling Tips from Matthew (here and here)
  • Link to Like A Girl video shown during presentation (YouTube)
  • Matthew Luhn, Author, Story and Branding Consultant (link)

Communication in Action:  Measure M and LA Metro  (additional link to video played during presentation)

  • Therese McMillan, Chief Planning Officer, LA Metro

The Road Ahead:  Data Stories from the Neighborhood  (large file)

Storytelling Workshop (large file)

  • Bill Higgins, Executive Director, CALCOG



Road User Charge Pilot Program Update

  • Jim Madaffer, Principal, Madaffer Enterprises

SANDAG's Social Equity Analysis Tool

  • Charles “Muggs” Stoll, Planning Director, San Diego Association of Governments

Thoughts on Planning, Land Use & Transportation (Discussion - No Presentation)

  • Vince Bertoni, Planning Director, City of Los Angeles
  • Hear more from Vince on land use & transportation planning - link

Coordinating & Executing Evacuations in Emergency Planning

  • Frannie Edwards, Deputy Director, National Transportation Safety & Security Center
  • Brian Tisdale, Mayor, City of Lake Elsinore

On the Front Lines:  Lessons from Santa Barbara County & Ventura County

  • Marjie Kirn, Executive Director, Santa Barbara County Association of Governments
  • Darren Kettle, Executive Director, Ventura County Transportation Commission



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