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Regional Leadership Forum

Riverside Convention Center: April 5 to 7, 2020





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"We commit to learning about your regions’ great

assets and future opportunities,

and to working together to tackle our challenges.

We also call on you today to bring your best ideas forward

as we embark on Regions Rise Together."

Press Enterprise (May 10, 2019)
Lenny Mendonca, Director of the California Office of Business and Economic Development
& Kate Gordon, Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research.


About the Regional Leadership Forum

The Regional Leadership Forum will explore the potential of a policy framework introduced by the Newsom Adminstration called Regions Rise Together.  The idea is that everyone should have a shot at the California dream--a California for all regions. 

Read the piece here.  

This framework is still under development. But we appreciate the acknowledgement of regional diversity and the importance of building on locally-driven initiatives. Different place types and economies need different solutions; what works in Long Beach may not be as effective in Visalia.

A potential example of this approach was included in this year's state housing budget. Regional council of governments were funded to craft programs to meet the needs of their local agecies in addressing the state housing crisis. 

That is an exciting start. But what is next? That is the question of our conference.

More About Regions Rise Together

We are not the only organization exploring the Regions Rise Together framework.  For example, we have been in communication with California Forward, who is also featuring the the discussion at the California Economic Summit.  

We are also sharing the logo (above) that the Mark Thomas firm originally developed (we love it, and so did everyone else) as a way to provide a visual center point for these conversations. We should be having these discussions together, not apart.

The way that the Regional Leadership Forum will fit into this larger conversation is that we will feature the state-regional-local partnerships that are necessary for effective governance. We want to convene diverse leaders from every region to identify the strategies that will increase opportunities in every region.  



Photo credits: Tanisha Taylor, CALCOG 


April 5-7, 2020   Riverside Convention Center