California Academy for Regional Leaders

Thank you for interest in CARL.  Please submit your application by Friday, June 29.  Staff will review applications and be in touch with you by July 15. 



  1. Fill Our Form Below to Indicate Interest.  Interested professionals should fill out the form below.  This will only indicate your interest and will not be considered a formal application.  We can then keep you up to date as we retain new instructors and finalize other details. 

  2. Discuss with Your Supervisor.  Applicant must discuss this professional development opportunity with his/her supervisor and receive supervisor approval to apply.

  3. Acknowledgement of the Time Commitment.  Applicant must be able to make a full commitment to attending the California Academy for Regional Leaders.  See acknowledgement form (word, pdf).  Both the applicant and the applicant's supervisor must sign the form to acknowledge and agree to the commitment of time to fully participate in the program. 

  4. Resume and Three Short Essay Questions.  We do not want to make this time consuming. The application consists of your resume and the following three short essay questions, which in total should not exceed 2 pages using standard margins and 12 point font.  

    • Where are you on your career path with respect to where you want to be five years from now?
    • What are you seeking to learn from the Academy?
    • What will you add to our group of participants in the leadership class?

  5. Completed Applications.  An application will be deemed complete when we have received: (1) a resume, (2) an acknowledgement form described above signed by both the applicant and the applicant's supervisor, and (3) your short essay answers to the following three questions below (no more than two pages). Please send all three documents (preferably as a single PDF document) to

  6. Once Accepted.  We will notify participants as to whether they have been selected for the program by July 15.  Please remember that selection will balance a number of factors that will include personal and professional qualifications as well as meeting diversification objectives (professional and personal background, geography, agency size, agency function).  With 47 members and only 30 slots, we are not likely to extend an invitation to more than one staff per agency except in exceptional circumstances.  

  7. Invoicing.  CALCOG will then invoice the agency employer for each for the tuition amount.  

Applicant Acknowledgment form

Applicant First Name
Applicant Last Name
Organization or Agency
Phone Number