April 6, 2018




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Last week we attended CCTA’s GoMentum Station Summit, where we briefly surfed the tsunami of change overtaking the transportation—er mobility—industry. Here, questions about autonomous vehicles are not "if?" or even "when?," --but "where?" An EasyMile shuttle is already operating on the streets in San Ramon's Bishop Ranch Business Park (site of the Summit). What also caught our attention was the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), which is taking off in Europe with companies like Amber and Whim. Also of note is the major investment that the AAA Club of Northern California (through A3Ventures) is making in a GIG car share service.  The times they are a changin' (or is it chargin'?).


C/CAG becomes our 47th Member!


We welcome to the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County. As a joint power agency, C/CAG is a typical council of government that can undertake any common authority of its 20 member cities and county. See, for example, their Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program. But C/CAG also serves as the Congestion Management Agency and prepares the countywide transportation plan that informs the Regional Transportation Plan (prepared by MTC). C/CAG is emblematic of all regional governments that are finding new and innovative ways to serve member communities in their respective regions.

See a profile of C/CAG and our other 46 members in our Member Profiles.  


Road With A Cause


Thanks to SB1, the infamous intersection that claimed the life of James Dean in 1955 is finally getting fixed. The original design of what is now called the James Dean Memorial Intersection, merged state highways 41 and 46 into a dangerous "Y" configuration. It has remained treacherous for the 63 years since the actor's death. Locals call it "Blood Alley" because it suffers 3 times the number of fatalities as the state average. SLOCOG's press release credits SB1 for providing the funding that allowed the CTC's approval of $197 million for the project.

Attention: Your Stories Needed! We want to hear your SB1 story--even if it does not involve a famous incident.  Upload a picture or video of a project that can be shared on social media on the Fix California Roads Coalition website. Include information about where the project is taking place and why it is important.  Need help with your storytelling? Check out our SB1 Storytelling Guide.   


Prop 69 Campaign Update


It's hard to believe that in a little over a month, voters can begin submitting ballots by mail for the June primary election. CALCOG supports Proposition 69. So does the Sacramento Bee, East Bay Times, and San Jose Mercury News. A large coalition of businesses, labor and local government has formed to advocate for Prop 69 that includes interests as diverse as the California Trucking Association and the Planning and Conservation League. An easy way to keep up with the campaign (and keep Cambridge Analytica informed) is to like the campaign on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, or just check the website.  

CCN Breaking News.  Yesterday, the El Dorado County Transportation Commission adopted resolutions to support Proposition 69 and oppose the effort to repeal SB1. Kudos to Placerville City Council Member Patty Borelli (who also represents EDCTC on the CALCOG Board) for her leadership on these resolutions.


1000 Words with Susan Shaheen


There is something about Susan. That is why we selected UC Berkeley professor and international shared mobility expert to launch our new 1000 Word series on the Blueprint Blog. The concept is to present the big ideas of thought leaders in just a thousand words or less--like a TED talk without the talking. We start with Ms. Shaheen, who with her colleagues at UC Berkeley and the FHWA, have published a new framework on how shared mobility services can expand transportation equity.  


Car Culture & the California Dream


In the last CALCOG News we posted our California Dreamin' playlist. But a more serious joint-exploration of the California Dream is underway by news media across the state, including CalMattersCapital Public Radio and KPCC. (All stories in the series seem to be posted on each website). The latest installment are two stories about driving in the Golden state: How the California Car Culture Killed the Promise of the 20 Minute Commute and What We Hate and What We Love about California Driving. But the entire series is worth a listen (or read). 


What's C BIG Idea?


The Treasurer launched the state’s version of online shopping (at least for incentives and grants) for companies. The California Business Incentives Gateway, (CBIG) allows businesses to search for local, state and federal incentives and economic development opportunities a la Amazon. Over 100 agencies have already posted opportunities like sales tax exclusions, fee waivers, permit assistance, and reduced utility rates. We note that CBIG is complementary to Funding Wizard (a joint SGC, UC Davis, ARB & DNR effort), which is also a state sponsored searchable database of grants, loans, rebates, and incentives to help fund sustainable projects. The state is online and here to help.


A Trivial Omission


In our last issue of CALCOG News, we summarized all the cool presentations at the Regional Leadership Forum, but we forgot to mention one "trivial" fact. We make the correction here.  The winning team of the super-competitive Super-California-istic, Let'sAllBePrecocious Triva Contest included Art Dao (ACTC), Mark Green (HNTB, Sponsor), Pam O'Connor (SCAG), Aaron Hake (RCTC), Tess Lengyel (ACTC), Darren Kettle (VCTC), Andy Fields (California Alliance for Jobs, Sponsor) and Jim Spering (STA). Well played! For winning, you get a lifetime "prescription" of CALCOG News for as long as it’s offered for free. Also, a special acknowledgement to AMBAG's Heather Adamson, who was the first to finish the crossword puzzle (and grilled us on some of the clues).  


Quick Hits


  • Emerging Technology Thought Piece. Continuing the GoMentum theme, we note that SANDAG has done its own analysis of emerging technologies and the potential changes and implications for the transportation system.

  • PERSonality Assessment. The League of California Cities issues an assessment of the sustainability of the PERS pension system and finds that CalPERS has only 68 percent of the funds required to pay estimated retirement benefits.  

  • Parking: Not Just for Cars. The economics of parking turn out to be pretty interesting. Parking spots are on the cutting edge of community development, civic space, alternative transportation and demand responsive pricing.

  • Rural Shared Mobility Pilots. UC Davis ITS did a survey of rural affordable housing residents to see if they would be interested in shared use services. The follow up is two shared-use mobility pilots in multiple rural communities in the San Joaquin Valley comparing shared mobility cost effectiveness to other transportation options.
  • Toolbox Tuesday at SCAG. Join SCAG for an all day workshop on Innovations in First/Last Mile Planning and Design on Tuesday, April 10, 2018. We wish we could be there if only to check in with Kome Ajise, SCAG's new Planning Director. 


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