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Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG)

Agency Type: Council of Governments, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Regional Transportation Planning Agency
Summary Profile:

The Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG) is a joint powers authority that serves as Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Tulare County and has responsibilities as Tulare County’s Council of Governments (COG), transportation authority, and the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA).  As the COG, TCAG is responsible for the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA).  TCAG also serves as the sales tax authority for Measure R funds, the transportation measure adopted by Tulare voters in 2006.  

Uniquely, TCAG also provides staff for the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) for the county.  TCAG has also taken the lead on implementing and administration for the Central California Railroad Authority to focus on providing short haul rail to benefit the San Joaquin Valley economy.  (See Government Code Section 93300-93319).  

TCAG assists local jurisdictions in obtaining federal assistance by providing advice, counsel, and professional direction, reviews and coordinates applications for programs using federal funding, and provides  a clearinghouse for the coordination and review of all state funded projects.  TCAG also operates as the rideshare authority, assists in the air quality analysis and conforming finding with the air district, and is the abandoned vehicle abatement authority for the county.  

TCAG is one of the 8 San Joaquin Valley MPOs that make up the San Joaquin Valley Policy Council.

Number of Members: Nine: the county and eight incorporated cities
Population Represented: 466,339
Primary Funding Sources: Local transportation sales tax, federal and state transportation funds
Staff: 19
Program Highlights:
  • Cross Valley Corridor Plan--TCAG is preparing the Cross Valley Corridor Plan to improve connectivity and mobility within the Central San Joaquin Valley.  The plan identifies how the existing Cross Valley Corridor transit service and proposed High Speed Rail Station will serve San Joaquin Valley residents.  The study supports planning efforts that enable San Joaquin Valley cities to promote walkable, mixed-use development communities with safe and reliable access to transit.  
  • Dairy--Tulare County is the largest dairy producer in the nation.  Its industry generates $1.6 billion annually and supports year-round job placement within the county.  The county promotes the sustainable expansion of the dairy business and plans for stronger roads to support the region's heavy dairy tankers.  (Examples)
Board Makeup:

The Board of Governors is comprised of 8 mayors and council members representing each of the incorporated cities within Tulare County, 5 County Supervisors, 3 members at large, and 1 ex-officio member representing Caltrans District 6.  

Executive Director: Ted Smalley
CALCOG Board Representative: Rudy Mendoza, Council Member, City of Woodlake
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Oct. 11, 2019

A highlight of the joint ARB-CTC meeting was the joint presentation by the 8 valley metropolitan planning organizations. Their presentations highlight several programs throughout the region that were bearing fruit in terms of community building and reducing emissions.

Aug. 05, 2019

Tulare County Association of Governments plays an important supporting role for award winning (and grant winning) affordable housing projects that integrate transportation and transit elements into the project, including a critical roundabout in the City of Lindsay.

Jul. 08, 2019

Fourteen CALCOG members have joined a joint powers authority to operate CalVans, which offers over 800 Vanpools statewide that collective take more than 300,000 vehicle miles traveled off the roads . . . every day. 

Apr. 26, 2019

TCAG helps the City of Woodlake find funding for key transportation elements for a downtown enhancement plan that has the result of attracting business and increasing transit ridership.