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Member Profile

Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG)

Agency Type: Council of Governments, Regional Transportation Planning Agency
Summary Profile:

The purpose of the Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG) is to assist local governments in planning to address common needs, cooperating for mutual benefit, and coordinating for sound regional, community, and intercommunity development.

MCOG’s mission is to provide regional, community, and intercommunity transportation planning, to administer transportation funding and financing, to represent Mendocino County’s interests at higher levels of government, to develop transportation projects for future funding, to provide technical assistance for transportation project delivery, to support rural/public transportation services, to administer grants for transportation/community enhancement projects, and to provide a forum to facilitate discussion on other matters of regional importance.

MCOG is a member of the North State Super Region.  

Number of Members: 5: the county and four cities
Population Represented: 88,378
Primary Funding Sources: Federal and state transportation funds
Staff: 4
Program Highlights:
  • Mendocino County Zero Emission Vehicle Regional Readiness Plan--Mendocino County is a rural region on the North Coast of California, known for its ocean views, redwoods, and wineries. MCOG's Zero Emission Vehicle Regional Readiness Plan follows its ZEV demonstration project and provides guidance for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the county. While the county’s air is quite clean, MCOG is doing its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring that more charging stations are available in this rural area, supporting statewide goals and filling gaps as the demand for zero emission vehicles grows. Electric vehicle charging stations also attract more tourists to the region, which supports the local economy. These efforts have led to MCOG’s interregional coordination to install additional EV charging stations, continuing four decades of Mendocino County environmental leadership.

  • Alternative Fuels Readiness Project--MCOG is partnering with the Redwood Coast Energy Authority to develop a readiness plan for five rural counties in the northwest to encourage use of alternative fuel vehicles in the region.  The project relies on interregional collaboration as the counties prepare for the successful introduction of these vehicles.  Alternative fuels are domestically produced and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote economic development.  The regional partners have joined the Clean Cities Coalition and are applying for a Clean Cities grant.  
Board Makeup:

The Board of Directors is comprised of 1 Councilmember from each of the 4 incorporated cities, 2 Mendocino County Supervisors, and 1 countywide public appointee.  

Executive Director: Nephele Barrett
CALCOG Board Representative: Tess Albin-Smith, Council Member, City of Fort Bragg
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Sep. 26, 2019

Phil Dow and Art Dao set to retire after long and distinguished careers in regional government and transportation project delivery.  

Jul. 24, 2019

Mendocino COG has been working for nearly 10 years with the community on the Round Valley Indian Reservation to improve pedestrian and bicycling safety on a stretch of road where accidents and collisions are unusually high.