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Status:CTA has identified a working group that is considering the issue.

The Legislative Transportation Committee Chairs jointly asked the California Transit Association to review the performance measures in the Transportation Development Act. Tackling the complexities of the Transportation Development Act, and recommending potential amendments, is a significant undertaking. It is not yet clear whether the task force will be able to generate consensus.   

Many CALCOG Members 

The task force set up and run two parallel processes:  A “nuts & bolts” examination of how TDA’s performance metrics currently work, and how different statutory iterations of the same basic measures apply differently to agencies in different circumstances (e.g. rural vs. urban; rail vs. bus; older agencies vs. newer agencies; etc.). The result should be a more uniform understanding by all task force participants of the challenges and opportunities inherent to the current system, which may, in turn, inform the “amend vs. replace” question facing the task force.

  • Development of some alternative concepts the task force could consider for possibly replacing the current TDA performance metrics, should that turn out to be the decision ultimately derived from the task force process.



This effort is already as much about politics as it is about transit funding policies. With these challenges squarely in mind, and suspecting it’s likely that every single public organization participating in the California transit funding process wants to be involved in (or at least hear more about) this TDA reform effort, one element of the task force’s adopted work program calls for a more thorough process of receiving and vetting Association member input; look for announcements later this summer, after the task force has had a chance to dive deeper into the TDA thicket, for possible webinars and/ or face-to-face workshops to which all members will be invited to participate.

In the meantime, please direct any questions about the task force process to me or the Association’s advocacy team.

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Examples of Local Guidelines. (typically includes overview of requirements and process)

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Last Updated:September 18, 2019