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SCS Evaluation Guidelines

Status:Staff is considering most recent comments

SB 375 charges ARB with accepting or rejecting the MPOs determination that the Sustainable Community Strategy, if implemented, would achieve the applicable target.  ARB's SCS Program & Evaluation Guidelines focuses on the technical aspects of the regional modeling and supporting analysis related to that determination.  ARB is updating these guidelines.

  • Purpose.  The Guidelines are not approved by the Board.  Instead, they are a staff level document developed to provide greater certainty to the methodology of reviewing the 18 separate strategies that ARB reviews over a rolling four year period.  In many ways, this makes sense.  It assures that the process is similarly applied across the state.  But as a staff level document, there are limits.  It should not be a policy document insofar as additional requirements are included that are outside the scope of the regulatory requirements.

  • MPO Comment Letter.  The attached 12 page letter outlines a number of areas in which the draft guidelines should be improved. 
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Last Updated:February 8, 2019