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AB 59 (Thurmond) Local housing trust match program

Status:Policy Committees
Makes changes to the existing Local Housing Trust Matching Grant Program.  These changes include: (1) limiting eligibility to cities and counties (including applications that include nonprofits) in "high cost" areas; (2) significantly increases the minimum and maximum grant levels; (3) changes the type of project eligible by eliminating some uses from existing program eligibility (energy shelters, safe havens, and transitional housing) and adding others (community land trusts, Habitat for Humanity); (4) makes changes to the minimum levels of funds that must meet specific income requirements; and (5) requires that each recipient develop an expenditure plan; and (6) requires that the public hearing requirement of the law be held in accordance with the Brown Act. 

This program exists "subject to the availability of funding."  See Cal. Gov't Code section 50843(a). 

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Last Updated:April 11, 2017