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SB 1376 (Hill) Transportation Network Companies: Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Status:Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter 701, Statutes of 2018

Would require the California Public Utilities Commission, by July 1, 2019, to:

(1) develop regulations relating to accessibility for persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users who need an accessible vehicle, who utilize transportation network company transportation services,

(2) consider assessing a fee on transportation network companies to fund on-demand accessible transportation services for persons with disabilities to ensure full and equal access to transportation network company services, and

(3) conduct workshops with stakeholders, including all interested California cities and counties and persons with disabilities, in order to determine community need and develop programs for on-demand services, service alternatives, and partnerships.


Amended 08/06/18 and re-referred to Appropriations Committee.

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Last Updated:September 27, 2018