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SB 831 (Wieckowski) Land use: accessory dwelling units

Status:In Assembly - Inactive
Would require the ordinance for the creation of accessory dwelling units to designate areas where accessory dwelling units may be excluded for health and safety purposes, as specified.
Would revise the standards for the local ordinance to, among other things, include a prohibition on considering the square footage of a proposed accessory dwelling unit when calculating an allowable floor-to-area ratio for the lot.
Would require that a permit application for an accessory dwelling unit be approved or disapproved within 60 days and would specify that if a local agency does not act on an application for a accessory dwelling unit within 60 days, then the application shall be deemed approved.
Would prohibit a local agency from requiring that offstreet parking spaces be replaced when a garage, carport, or covered parking structure is demolished or converted in conjunction with the construction of an accessory dwelling unit.
Would prohibit another local ordinance, policy, or regulation from being the basis for the delay of the issuance of a building permit or use permit for an accessory dwelling unit.
Would delete provisions authorizing a local agency to require owner occupancy by the permit applicant.
Would prohibit an accessory dwelling unit from being considered by a local agency, special district, or water corporation to be a new residential use for purposes of calculating fees charged for new development, except in certain circumstances when a new or separate utility connection between the accessory dwelling unit and the utility may be required and except for certain fees charged by a school district that the bill would limit to $3,000 per accessory dwelling unit.



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Last Updated:September 27, 2018