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AB 2363 (Friedman) Vision Zero Task Force

Status:Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 650, Statutes of 2018

Would require the Secretary of Transportation, on or before January 1, 2019, to establish and convene the Vision Zero Task Force, which shall include, but is not limited to, representatives from the Department of the California Highway Patrol, the University of California and other academic institutions, local governments, bicycle safety organizations, road safety organizations, and labor organizations. The bill would require the task force to develop a structured, coordinated process for early engagement of all parties to develop policies to reduce traffic fatalities to zero.

Would require the Secretary of Transportation to prepare and submit a report of findings based on the task force’s efforts to the appropriate policy and fiscal committees of the Legislature on or before May 15, 2019.

Would require the report to include a detailed analysis of specified issues, including the existing process for establishing speed limits and a recommendation as to whether an alternative to the use of the 85th percentile as a method for determining speed limits should be considered. The provisions of the bill would be repealed on May 15, 2023.


Amended 05/25/18

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Last Updated:September 27, 2018