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AB 1771 (Bloom) Regional housing needs assessment.

Position:Oppose Unless Amended
Status:Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 989, Statutes of 2018

This bill amends provisions that would change the methodology for the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) to give greater consideration to equity factors and how the distribution may affect the opportunity for low- and very-low income households.  It requires greater analysis of the number of housing units available at different income levels.  It also would allow HCD and Housing Organizations greater oversight over the process. 


This bill would require greater consideration of equity factors, which would be monitored by HCD.  However, there is no reconciliation with the GHG target setting process if the distribution based on factors of equity affect the regional travel patterns in a region.   In some cases, the two objectives may be entirely consistent.  In other cases, it may not.  

 Amended 05/25/18


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Last Updated:October 2, 2018