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AB 2062 (Maienschein) State highways: landscaping.

Status:Assembly Appropriations Committee
AB 2062, as introduced, Maienschein. State highways: landscaping.
Existing law provides that the Department of Transportation has full possession and control of all state highways and associated property, and sets forth the powers and duties of the department with respect to the operation, maintenance, and improvement of state highways. Existing law authorizes the department to enter into an agreement to accept funds, materials, equipment, or services from any person for maintenance or roadside enhancement of a section of a state highway. Existing law requires the department to discontinue further water intensive freeway landscaping and to use drought resistant landscaping whenever feasible, taking into consideration specified factors.
This bill would require highway planting projects undertaken or approved by the department to include, when appropriate, California native wildflowers as an integral and permanent part of the planting design, with priority given to those species of wildflower that will help rebuild pollinator populations.
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Last Updated:February 22, 2018