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AB 1250 (Jones-Sawyer) Counties and cities: contracts for personal services.

Status:Senate Rules Committee
Establishes specific standards on counties and cities for the use of personal service contracts for services customarily performed by city and county employees.   Among other things, the bill would require the agency to clearly demonstrate that the proposed contract will result in actual overall costs savings and also to show that the contract does not cause the displacement of workers. Additionally, the county or city must provide an orientation to employees of the contractor who would perform services pursuant to the contract. The agency must also  conduct a cost-benefit analysis prior to entering into the contract and would require the prospective contractors to reimburse the cost of the analysis. The bill would also require the county or city to conduct an audit of the contract to determine whether cost savings have been realized and would require the contractor to reimburse the cost of the audit. The bill would impose additional disclosure requirements for contracts exceeding $5,000,000 annually, would exempt certain types of contracts from its provisions, and would require each county or city to maintain on its Internet Web site a searchable database of all of its contracts exceeding $5,000,000. By placing new duties on local government agencies, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.
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Last Updated:April 5, 2018