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AB 1397 (Low) Local planning: housing element: inventory of land for residential development

Status:Policy Committees
Adds a number of requirements to the inventory of land suitable for residential development. Included vacant sites must have a realistic and demonstrated potential for development in order to be counted toward accommodating a portion of the locality’s housing need for a designated income level.  In addition, parcels included in the inventory must have sufficient water, sewer and dry utilities sufficient to support housing development or be included in a program to secure such services, and such services must be available within three years if the site is counted as part of the accommodation for low- and very low-income units.  More strict methodologies are also included for sites that may be available for housing, but not specifically zoned for housing.

Introduced by Assembly Member Low
(Coauthors: Assembly Members Bloom and Chiu)
(Coauthor: Senator Wiener)

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Last Updated:April 11, 2017