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AB 1383 (Fong) California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: regulations.

Status:Policy Committees

This bill would require the state board to take specified actions and make specified findings prior to adopting a regulation under the act. The bill also would require the state board to take specified actions within 2 years of adopting a regulation under the act and to revise that regulation based on those specified actions.

Prior to adopting a regulation pursuant to this part, the state board shall do all of the following:

  • Work with stakeholders to identify and address technical, market, regulatory, and other challenges and barriers in implementing the regulation.
  • Provide a forum for public engagement by holding at least three public meetings in geographically diverse locations throughout the state.
  • Make a finding that the regulation is technologically and economically feasible, is cost-effective, and includes mechanisms to minimize and mitigate potential leakage to other states and countries.
  • Evaluate existing achievements made by incentive-based programs.


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Last Updated:April 12, 2017