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AB 1113 (Bloom) State Transit Assistance program


(1) Provides that only STA-eligible operators are eligible to receive an allocation from the portion of program funds based on transit operator revenues. Each STA-eligible operator within the jurisdiction of the allocating local transportation agency would receive a proportional share of the revenue-based program funds based on the qualifying revenues of that operator.

(2) Changes the timing of when operators submit reports of their operations to the Controller from 90 days after the fiscal year to seven months after the end of the fiscal year.   



AB 1113 is Sponsored by the California Transit Association

CTA summary:   Amends the State Transit Assistance (STA) program to clarify several ambiguities that led to the State Controller’s Office’s (SCO) 2016 administrative changes. The Controller's changes included a new calculation and allocation methodology, suddenly changing the way these funds are distributed. STA grant funds are vital to the ongoing operations and capital projects of about 145 public transit systems.

Prior to the Controller action, many transit operators budgeted for these funds in 2015-16, and even the 2016-17 year, based on a longstanding understanding of how the program works. CTA acted last year to advocate that the Legislature use the 2016-17 Budget Act to compel the SCO to use the long-understood methodology, as reflected in the 2014-15 fourth quarter published allocations, for any remaining unallocated funds in the 2015-16 year (quarters three and four), and, for all funds to be allocated in 2016-17 and 2017-18.  See SB 838 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) [Chapter 339, Statutes of 2016].

That short-term “pause button” gave the transit industry, our regional agency partners, and state officials up to two years to come up with a long-term solution. CTA's proposal is now reflected in AB 1113.

For more details, see Fact Sheet


  • Designated as "high priority" in the CTC May 17 Agenda packet.


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Last Updated:September 20, 2017