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AB 1082 (Burke) Electric vehicle charging infrastructure: schools


This bill would require an electrical corporation file with the PUC, by July 30, 2018, a program proposal for the installation of vehicle charging stations at school facilities. The bill would require the PUC to review and approve, or modify and approve, the program proposal filed by the electrical corporation by December 31, 2018. The bill would authorize the use of these charging stations by faculty, students, and parents before, during, and after school hours at those times that the school facilities are operated for purposes of providing education or school-related activities, and by others present for those activities. The bill would require the electrical corporation to install, own, operate, and maintain the charging equipment and would require that the approved program include a reasonable mechanism for cost recovery by the electrical corporation. The bill would require that schools receiving charging stations pursuant to the approved program participate in a time-variant rate approved by the commission.


Coauthor: Senator Bradford

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Last Updated:October 15, 2017