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AB 805 (Gonzalez Fletcher) County of San Diego: transportation agencies.

Makes very specific changes to the governance of SANDAG and two area transit districts: the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), and the North County Transit District (NCTD).
  • (1) Changes the vote need to take action from a simple majority of the members to a majority of the weighted vote of the board members present.  Additionally adds a new standing policy with specific powers, including the appointment of an independent performance auditor.  Adds reporting and specific procedures relating to matters of public transit, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and disadvantaged communities.
  • (2)  Also creates changes to the governance structures of MTS and NCTD that generally require city representatives to be mayors, except that three of the four appointments from the City of San Diego and one of the two appointments from Chula Vista. Other changes are also included, including the creation of a weighted process.

  • (3) Authorizes MTS and NCTD to individually impose a transactions and use tax within their respective portions of the County of San Diego, with revenues to be used for public transit purposes and to issue bonds backed by these tax revenues.
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Last Updated:October 15, 2017