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AB 382 (Voepel) Fuel taxes: State Parks and Recreation Fund: Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund

Status:Policy Committees
Existing law imposes an excise tax on motor vehicle fuel (gasoline).  Existing law requires a portion of the moneys attributable to the excise tax on gasoline related to specified off-highway motor vehicles and off-highway vehicle activities to be transferred monthly from the Motor Vehicle Fuel Account to the Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund, and, commencing November 1, 2017, requires the portion of those moneys from a $0.12 per gallon increase, and future inflation adjustments from that increase, to be transferred to the State Parks and Recreation Fund, to be used for state parks, off-highway vehicle programs, or boating programs.
This bill would provide that in the 2017–18 fiscal year up to $1,000,000 of the revenues transferred to the State Parks and Recreation Fund may be transferred to the Off-Highway Vehicle Trust Fund to be available for specified purposes and would express the intent of the Legislature to make this transfer in the Budget Act of 2017.


  • Listed as a "high priority" bill for the CTC on the May 17, 2017 agenda.
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Last Updated:June 15, 2017