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AB 87 (Ting) Autonomous vehicles

Status:Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 667, Statutes of 2018
Would require the department to include in regulations it adopts relating to application requirements for the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads without the presence of a driver inside the vehicle, a requirement that the manufacturer certify that the local authorities within the jurisdiction where the autonomous vehicle will be tested have been provided with a written notification, as specified, and a requirement that the manufacturer provide certain law enforcement agencies with a copy of a law enforcement interaction plan.
Would require the law enforcement interaction plan, which instructs the law enforcement agencies on how to interact with the autonomous vehicle in emergency and traffic enforcement situations, to include, at a minimum, information on how to communicate with a remote operator of the vehicle, where in the vehicle to obtain owner information, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance, and how to recognize whether the vehicle is operating in autonomous mode.


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Last Updated:September 27, 2018