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AB 760 (Wiener) Transportation funding: active transportation: complete streets.

Status:Policy Committees

Re-sequences the priorities for the State Highway Account by emphasizing accessibility and safety for all users, public health, and reduced VMT and de-emphasizing capital projects that increase capacity.  Also establishes a Division of Active Transportation within the Department of Transportation and require that an undersecretary of the Transportation Agency be assigned to active transportation program matters; require the California Transportation Commission to give high priority to increasing safety for pedestrians and bicyclists and to the implementation of bicycle and pedestrian facilities; updates the Highway Design Manual to incorporate the “complete streets” concept and more specific criteria for bike facilities; and adds complete street, bicycle, and pedestrian elements to all SHOPP projects and the asset management plan.   


(Principal coauthors: Assembly Members Chiu and Kalra)
(Coauthors: Assembly Members Bloom and Friedman)

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Last Updated:April 12, 2017