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SB 540 (Roth) Workforce Housing Opportunity Zone

Authorizes local agency to establish Opportunity Zones by preparing an EIR and adopting a specific plan that meets specific requirements.  A specific plan fee would be imposed upon all persons seeking governmental approvals within the zone.  A new program would be created at OPR to provide local agencies no-interest loans to prepare specific plans (a further appropriation would be needed). After specific plan adoption, the local agency would be prohibited from denying a development proposal within the area that meets certain criteria. Environmental review would not be required for qualifying housing developments and the agency would have to   approve, or disapprove, the project within 60 days.

This is sponsored by the League of California Cities.  See “Senator Roth’s SB 540 Creates Blueprint for More Housing Construction,” CA Cities Advocate, March 14, 2017. 



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Last Updated:May 1, 2017