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AB 1489 (Brough) Architects Practice Act.

Status:Policy Committees
Substantially change liability provisions related to project design by providing that a licensed architect is not responsible for damage caused by construction deviating from a permitted set of plans, specifications, reports, or documents.  It would state explicitly that a legal duty is not imposed upon an architect who signs and stamps plans, specifications, reports, or documents that relate to the design of fixed works to observe the construction of those fixed works. The law, however, permits the architect to agree with the client to provide construction observation services, which is defined to mean the periodic observation of completed work to determine general compliance with the plans, specifications, reports, or other contract documents. Under existing law, “construction observation services” does not mean the superintendence of construction processes, site conditions, operations, equipment, or personnel, or the maintenance of a safe place to work or any safety in, on, or about the site.

This bill is substantially the same as SB 885 (Work) from last year, which was aggressively opposed by the Self Help Counties Coalition, League of California Cities, CSAC, Special District Association, and others.  This year, they set a letter to the Judiciary Committees in both houses opposing the bill.

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Last Updated:April 12, 2017