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AB 1608 (Kalra) Vibrant landscapes for climate, people, and multiple benefits

Status:Policy Committees

This bill would require the Department of Conservation to develop and implement the Vibrant Landscape Program to assist eligible applicants in the development of county and regional plans that integrate the conservation and management of natural and working lands with other sectors to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and to provide other environmental cobenefits and to provide funding for land management and conservation activities that reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and achieve other environmental cobenefits. The bill would require the department, in collaboration with the Strategic Growth Council and the State Air Resources Board, to develop guidelines and criteria for the program. The bill would establish the Vibrant Landscape Program Fund in the State Treasury and would, upon appropriation by the Legislature, authorize the department to expend moneys in the fund to implement the program.

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Last Updated:May 3, 2017