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AB 1431 (Arambula) Energy efficiency: renewable energy resources.

Status:Policy Committees

Requires the Energy Commission, PUC, Department of Community Services and Development, State Department of Social Services, energy utilities, and 3rd-party administrators to collaborate with community partnerships to develop and implement comprehensive and coordinated outreach, education, and delivery of all their programs to promote energy efficiency, including weatherization, or to promote utilization of renewable energy resources, or provide rate assistance that are targeted toward low-income consumers and disadvantaged communities. The Energy Commission would be the lead agency in developing the comprehensive outreach, education, and delivery of those programs and would require the Energy Commission to consult with the Low-Income Oversight Board.  Each energy utility and 3rd-party administrator must provide the Energy Commission with information regarding their energy efficiency or renewable energy programs and rate assistance measures targeted toward low-income consumers and disadvantaged communities. 

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Last Updated:April 11, 2017