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AB 1233 (Cunningham) Transportation Inspector General

Status:Policy Committee

Creates the Office of the Transportation Inspector General in state government, as an independent office that would not be a subdivision of any other government entity, to ensure that the Department of Transportation, High-Speed Rail Authority, and all other state agencies expending state transportation funds are operating efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with federal and state laws. The Governor would appoint the Transportation Inspector General for a 6-year term, from a list of 3 qualified individuals nominated by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, in consultation with specified legislative committees, by a vote of a majority of the committee membership from each house of the Legislature. The Transportation Inspector General could only be removed from office during the term for good cause. The bill would grant the Transportation Inspector General access to the records and property of a public or private entity or person subject to review or regulation by the state agency being investigated or audited to the same extent that the employees or officers of the agency have access. The bill would require the Transportation Inspector General to submit an annual report to the Legislature and Governor.


This bill is likely to change given the inclusion in of an Inspector General in SB 1 

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Last Updated:April 11, 2017