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AB 1077 (O'Donnell) Off-highway vehicles

Status:Policy Committees
Extends until January 1, 2019 the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Act of 2003 and the imposition of a $7 and $33 fee paid upon the issuance or renewal of identification of off-highway motor vehicles.   The extension will be cut six months short, to July 1, 2018, if a report is not received by the Legislator from the Department of Transportation to determine the appropriate adjustment and to update the estimate of the amount attributable to taxes imposed upon distributions of motor vehicle fuel used in the operation of motor vehicles off highway and for which a refund has not been claimed. This report was originally due January 1, 2016. Includes urgency clause. 

Vote: 2/3   Appropriation: no   Fiscal Committee: yes   Local Program: no

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Last Updated:April 12, 2017