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SB 406 (Leyva) Vehicles: high-occupancy vehicle lanes: exceptions

Existing law authorizes the Department of Transportation and local authorities to designate certain highway lanes for the exclusive or preferential use of high-occupancy vehicles (HOVs), requires the department or local authorities to place signage advising motorists of the rules governing the use of those lanes, and prohibits the use of those lanes by motorists other than in conformity with the posted rules. Existing law provides a limited exemption allowing motorcycles, mass transit vehicles, and paratransit vehicles to use HOV lanes.
This bill would provide an exemption to allow for blood transport vehicles, as defined, to use HOV lanes, regardless of the number of occupants.  The bill would require certain conditions be met for the new exemption to be operative, including requiring the Director of Transportation to determine that the exemption would not result in a loss of federal funds or conflict with federal law, as specified, and requiring the director to post that determination on the Department of Transportation’s Internet Web site.


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Last Updated:October 15, 2017