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SB 389 (Roth) Department of Transportation: transportation project delivery services

Status:Assembly Appropriations Committee
Existing law provides that the Department of Transportation has full possession and control of all state highways and associated property. Existing law creates the State Highway Account in the State Transportation Fund, and requires all money appropriated, contributed, or made available from any source for expenditure on work within the powers and duties of the department, including sources other than state appropriations, to be transferred to or deposited in the account. Existing law provides that all money deposited in the account by local agencies or by others is continuously appropriated to the department and is available for expenditure by the department for the purposes for which the money was made available.
This bill would authorize the department to establish a fee schedule and to charge a fee relative to transportation project delivery services requested by a local agency or other entity, as specified, including job mix formula verifications, material plant quality program inspections, and laboratory accreditations. The bill would authorize the department to adopt regulations to, among other things, specify the terms and conditions for performing these tasks and would require that the department’s total estimated revenue from the fee schedule not exceed the department’s estimated total cost for providing these service. The bill would require that the funds collected pursuant to these provisions be deposited in the State Highway Account in the State Transportation Fund. Because these funds would be continuously appropriated to the department, the bill would thereby make an appropriation.
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Last Updated:April 5, 2018