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AB 810 (Gallagher) Local alternative improvement program: Feather River

Status:Policy Committees

With respect to planned state transportation facilities over the Feather River in Yuba City and Sutter and Yuba Counties that are no longer planned to be constructed, authorizes the affected local agencies, acting jointly with the transportation planning agency, to file with the CTC a local alternative transportation improvement program. The commission has the final authority and the approval must be made by July 1, 2020. The bill would require all proceeds from the sale of excess properties acquired by the department for the canceled state facilities, less any reimbursements due to the federal government and costs incurred in the sale of those excess properties, to be allocated by the commission to the approved local alternative and would exempt those funds from the fair share distribution formulas that would otherwise be applicable to state transportation funds.

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Last Updated:April 11, 2017