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AB 636 (Irwin) Local streets and roads: expenditure reports

Status:In Senate
Existing law provides for a portion of gasoline excise tax revenues in the Highway Users Tax Account to be distributed by formula to cities based on their population and to counties based on their number of registered vehicles and maintained miles of county roads. Existing law, with limited exceptions, requires each city and county to submit to the Controller a complete report of expenditures for street and road purposes by October 1 of each year relative to the preceding fiscal year ending on June 30.
This bill would instead require the report to be submitted to the Controller within 7 months after the close of the fiscal year adopted by a county, city, or city and county. The bill would make other conforming changes.
Existing law establishes the California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission, comprised of 14 members who are charged with, among other duties, recommending for adoption by the Controller, uniform construction cost accounting procedures for implementation by local agencies in contracts for construction on public projects. Existing law requires the Controller, after determining that the recommended uniform construction cost accounting procedures will serve the best interests of the state and public agencies, and upon formal adoption, to promulgate the uniform procedure for all public agencies electing to participate in the uniform procedure.
This bill would require the Controller to adjust related timelines in the uniform procedure to conform with the submission by a governing body of a county, city, or city and county of its expenditures for street and road purposes during the preceding fiscal year.




AB 636 is sponsored by the League of California Cities

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Last Updated:April 3, 2018