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AB 354 (Calderon) Rental housing

Status:Senate Banking & Financial Institutions Committee
Existing law establishes the Department of Business Oversight within the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency.
Existing law, the Economic Revitalization Act, establishes the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, also known as GO-Biz, under the control of a director. Existing law requires GO-Biz to serve the Governor as the lead entity for economic strategy and authorizes it to undertake specified activities, including marketing business and investment opportunities in California by working in partnership with local, regional, federal, and other state public and private institutions.
This bill would require an institutional investor, as defined, to register by July 1, 2018, and annually thereafter, with the Department of Business Oversight by providing a statement containing certain information, including, among other things, the total number of single-family homes in the state that are owned by the institutional investor, including the number owned in each county, and the number occupied by renters throughout the state, and in each county. The bill would authorize the department to charge a reasonable fee to process the registration. The bill would require the department to submit a report to the Legislature by July 1, 2019, and annually thereafter, regarding the information collected from institutional investors during the prior calendar year pursuant to the provisions of this bill.
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Last Updated:April 19, 2018