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Joint Meeting of the ARB Board & CTC Commissioners

Status:ARB will host the next joint meeting in April in Sacramento at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria.
  • Agency Differences.  There is no getting around the fact that these are two very difference agencies.  ARB is a regulatory agency with over 1200 employees.  Although ARB programs often generate significant funding, the agency is first and foremost a regulatory agency.  CTC on the other hand, has less than 30 employees and has two primary functions: oversight of the Department of Transportation programs and administering several specific funding transportation programs.  But the CTC has little authority to regulate.

  • Where to Start?  One evolving question - what areas will these two agencies focus their collaborative efforts.  At the first meeting in June 2018, CTC Executive Director Susan Bransen suggested four areas that appeared to have general acceptence between the two bodies: (1) CTC Guideline Development; (2) SCS Target Setting & Acceptance Process; (3) Project Assessment & Measurement Tools; (4) Policy Framework – Technology Advancements for Achievement of Transportation & Air Quality Goals.

  • MPOs speak both ARB and CTC.  Interestingly, the MPOs are the entities that appear squarely in middle of a CTC-ARB Venn diagram.  
More Info:Agency Website