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Policy Tracker

A data base of policies, regulations, funding programs, and other implementation policies that relate to the work of regional governments that can be sorted by the lead agency.

Lead Agency


Administrative Action Agency Priority Progress
SAFE Vehicle Rule NHTSA Urgent Pending
TDA Working Group California Transit Association For Information CTA has identified a working group that is considering the issue.
Joint ARB-CTC Meetings Air Resources Board , California Transportation Commission Normal ARB will host the next joint meeting in April in Sacramento at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria.
SCS Evaluation Guidelines Air Resources Board Normal Staff is considering most recent comments
Corridor Planning Guidance Caltrans Normal Comments on draft closed, staff are considering comments
CEQA and Climate Change Advisory Office of Planning & Research Normal Comments on draft are due no later than March 15th
CEQA Guidelines: SB 743 Natural Resources Agency For Information Rulemaking Process Complete.