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Bill Author & Topic Subject Position Progress
AB 1205 (Jones-Sawyer) Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Contracting Transit Watch Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 473, Statutes of 2018
AB 1594 (Bloom) Infrastructure Financing: Transportation: LAMTA: Contracting. Project Delivery , Transit Watch In Senate - Ordered to Inactive File
AB 2304 (Holden) Reduced fare transit pass programs: report Transit Watch In Senate - Inactive
AB 3135 (Frazier) Traffic Safety: State Funding Transit Watch Vetoed by Governor
SB 1119 (Beall) Low Carbon Transit Operations Program. Transit Support Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter 606, Statutes of 2018
SB 1434 (Leyva) Transportation electrification: electricity rate design Transit Watch Assembly Appropriations Committee