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Bill Number:

Bill Author & Topic Subject Position Progress
AB 17 (Holden) Transit Pass Pilot Program: free or reduced-fare transit passes Transit Watch Vetoed
AB 468 (Santiago) Assault: transit operator: transit vehicle in motion Transit Watch Chaptered
AB 673 (Chu) Public transit operators: vehicle safety requirements. Transit Watch Chaptered
AB 730 (Quirk) Transit districts: prohibition orders Transit Watch Chaptered
AB 758 (Eggman & Baker) Transportation network companies Safety , Transit Watch Chaptered
AB 1069 (Low) Local government: taxicab transportation services Transit Watch Chaptered
AB 1113 (Bloom) State Transit Assistance program Priority , Transit Support Chaptered
AB 1421 (Dababneh) Intercity rail services: noise and vibration Transit Watch Policy Committees
AB 1469 (Grayson) School transportation Transit Watch Policy Committees
AB 1509 (Baker) San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Transit Watch Amended
SB 137 (Allen) Transit districts: ordinances Governance , Transit Watch To Assembly
SB 477 (Canella) Intercity rail corridors: extensions Transit Watch Appropriations
SB 614 (Hertzberg) Public transportation agencies: administrative penalties Transit Watch Chaptered
SB 680 (Wieckowski) SF Bay Area Rapid Transit District Infrastructure , Transit Watch Chaptered