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Bill Author & Topic Subject Position Progress
AB 1205 (Jones-Sawyer) Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Contracting Transit Watch In Senate
AB 1594 (Bloom) Infrastructure Financing: Transportation: LAMTA: Contracting. Project Delivery , Transit Watch In Senate
AB 1969 (Salas) Transportation funds: transportation planning agencies: transit operators: fare revenue ratios: exemptions. Transit Watch Assembly Transportation Committee
AB 2304 (Holden) Reduced fare transit pass programs: report Transit Watch Senate Rules Committee
AB 3135 (Frazier) Traffic Safety: State Funding Transit Watch Senate Appropriations Committee
SB 1119 (Beall) Low Carbon Transit Operations Program. Transit Support Assembly Appropriations Committee
SB 1434 (Leyva) Transportation electrification: electricity rate design Transit Watch Assembly Appropriations Committee
SB 827 (Weiner) Planning and zoning: transit-rich housing bonus. Land Use , Transit Watch Senate Transportation & Housing Committee
SB 903 (Cannella) Transportation Development Act: County of Stanislaus Transit Watch Enrolled & Presented to Governor