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Bill Author & Topic Subject Position Progress
AB 1683 (Burke) Transformative Climate Communities Program: Report Planning Watch In Senate
AB 2363 (Friedman) Vision Zero Task Force Planning Watch In Assembly
AB 2734 (Frazier) California Transportation Commission Planning Watch In Assembly
AB 2851 (Grayson) Regional transportation plans: traffic signal optimization plans Planning Watch In Senate
AB 2885 (Rodriguez) Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Planning Watch In Senate
AB 3119 (Gonzalez Fletcher) San Diego International Airport Mobility and Sustainability Committee: Airport Mobility and Sustainability Plan Planning Watch Senate Governance & Finance Committee
SB 1035 (Hannah Beth-Jackson) General Plans Planning Watch In Assembly
SB 1080 (Roth) Transportation network companies: driver identification. Planning Watch Assembly Appropriations Committee
SB 1328 (Beall) Mileage-based road usage fee. Planning Support In Assembly