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The Blueprint

A van used by farm workers on farmland. Two water coolers are on a front bumper rack

Regions partner via CalVans to Improve Rural Mobility

Bill Higgins - Jul 08, 2019

Fourteen CALCOG members have joined a joint powers authority to operate CalVans, which offers over 800 Vanpools statewide that collective take more than 300,000 vehicle miles traveled off the roads . . . every day. 

LED Streetlamp at Dusk with words: Brighter than yesterday. #WRCOGStreetlights

WRCOG Creates Brighter Future by Improving the Nighttime Sky

WRCOG Staff - May 24, 2019

WRCOG helps local jurisdictions purchase streetlamps from utilities, improve lighting, and save money.

Woodlake\\\'s new transit center next to a park and pedestrian improvements

TCAG: Transportation Investments spur Downtown Turnaround in Woodlake

Bill Higgins - Apr 26, 2019

TCAG helps the City of Woodlake find funding for key transportation elements for a downtown enhancement plan.

Kids with Golden Sneakers trophy

ACTC Encourages Students to take Green Transportation

CALCOG Staff - Apr 26, 2019

ACTC offers gilded incentives to students choosing active transportation options to get to and from school.  

Graphic showing how rain seeps through impervious surface

LA Metro's Permeable Pavement Pilot Provides Best Practice to Manage Stormwater

Edited by Bill Higgins - Apr 12, 2019
Adapted and posted with permission from The Source. LA Metro's blog. Original by Anna Chen One reason you may choose to take public transportation ...
Map of Smart Growth Areas in the San Diego region

Mostly Infill With A Chance of Sprawl

Bill Higgins - Feb 14, 2019

Most MPOs are forecasting substantially increased infill development in their regional transportation plans.  But that is only a forecast.  There is still a lot of work to do to make that forecast a reality.  

Bay Area housing near Rail lines

TOAH-WARD A New Housing Solution

Bill Higgins - Feb 12, 2019

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) created a new revolving loan program—called the Transit Oriented Affordable Housing (TOAH) Program—that provides early loan financing for affordable housing projects that are well-located in transit-rich areas. 

A ferry approached the new Richmond Ferry Terminal

CCTA's Measure J Supports New Ferry Service

CALCOG Staff - Jan 25, 2019

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority contributes local sales tax funds from Measure J to support the first 10 years of operations for a ferry service starting this month from the new Richmond Ferry Terminal.  

George Dondero Retires

Bill Higgins - Sep 14, 2018

Only two years after helping lead an effort that resulted in Santa Cruz County adopting its first ever sales tax measure to support transportation infrastructure, George Dondero retires.