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The Blueprint

Windshield view of 91 Express Lanes in Riverside County,  beside a bus, and the Freeway sign summarizes the S&P and Fitch Bond Rating.

Wall Street Upgrades RCTC's Bond Debt

Bill Higgins - Oct 07, 2019

Two bond rating institutions have upgraded RCTC's revenue bonds on the 91 Express Lanes.

Blurred Metrolink train with Rail Safety Link logo and  reference

RCTC Emphasizes Rail Safety Week

CALCOG staff - Sep 23, 2019

With faster Metolink trains now running in many communities, RCTC uses rail safety week, and every other week, to educate around issues of rail safety. 

A van used by farm workers on farmland. Two water coolers are on a front bumper rack

Regions partner via CalVans to Improve Rural Mobility

Bill Higgins - Jul 08, 2019

Fourteen CALCOG members have joined a joint powers authority to operate CalVans, which offers over 800 Vanpools statewide that collective take more than 300,000 vehicle miles traveled off the roads . . . every day. 

8 Things We Like About RCTC Support of SB 1

8 Takeaways from RCTC's Support of SB1

Bill Higgins - Feb 15, 2018

We draw 8 lessons from RCTC's statement of reasons for the support of Proposition 69 (to protect new transportation revenues from Legislative diversion ) and oppose the effort to repeal the authorization of those new revenues adopted last year under SB 1.