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The Blueprint

Satellite map of South Bay region near Los Angeles that shows route of fiber ring in the region

"Ring of Fiber" to Improve Connectivity in South Bay

Bill Higgins and Caila Pedroncelli - Oct 02, 2019

South Bay Cities Council of Government work with member cities to consolidate purchasing power to create a ring of broadband fiber that will improve transportation management and, in the future, can be used for other services to spur the local economy. 

Headshots of Phil & Art on Declining Graph

The Dow Inter-Regional Index Falls by Two

Bill Higgins - Sep 26, 2019

Phil Dow and Art Dao set to retire after long and distinguished careers in regional government and transportation project delivery.  

WRCOG COGcast Logo

The One About the Podcast

WRCOG Staff - Sep 25, 2019

WRCOG starts a bi-weekly podcast to inform its members and the public about its programs.

Assembly Member Garcia

Imperial County to Take on "COG" Duties under AB 335

Bill Higgins - Sep 12, 2019

Imperial County Transportation Commission expands ability to serve member communities under AB 335 (Garcia).

Fresno COG Short Circuits Member Challenges

Meg Prince (Fresno COG) - Aug 15, 2019

Fresno COG's offers a Circuit Planner and Engineer program that offers contract planning and engineer services to its member city and counties.  

YARTS bus in Yosemite Valley

Preserving Yosemite Valley with Transit

Bill Higgins - Jul 24, 2019

Need to get to Yosemite Valley without a car? For 20 years, the Merced County Association of Governments staffs and operates the Yosemite Area Regional Transit Service (YARTS). 

LED Streetlamp at Dusk with words: Brighter than yesterday. #WRCOGStreetlights

WRCOG Creates Brighter Future by Improving the Nighttime Sky

WRCOG Staff - May 24, 2019

WRCOG helps local jurisdictions purchase streetlamps from utilities, improve lighting, and save money.

Rick Bishop, WRCOG Executive Director

The Vague Advantage of COGs

Rick Bishop, Executive Director, WRCOG - Jul 29, 2018

WRCOG executie director explains that Councils of Governments (COGs) are flexible (vague) institutions well-positioned to provide cost-effective regional approaches to issues affecting individual localities.

Regions in California: 9 Takeaways

Regional Governance: 9 Takeaways

Bill Higgins - Nov 10, 2017

Many people associate regional governments with transportation planning and SB 375.  But they are so much more.  Skipping the history of regional governments, we cut to the chase with nine takeaways.