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The Blueprint

Small EV Vehicle in front of Row of SUVs

How the SAFE Rule Will Affect Transportation Infrastructure in California

Tanisha Taylor - Aug 12, 2019

Overview (and links to resources) that explains why transportation planning agencies are worried about the SAFE Rule to roll back fuel efficiency standards in California. 

Graphic showing how rain seeps through impervious surface

LA Metro's Permeable Pavement Pilot Provides Best Practice to Manage Stormwater

Edited by Bill Higgins - Apr 12, 2019
Adapted and posted with permission from The Source. LA Metro's blog. Original by Anna Chen One reason you may choose to take public transportation ...
Tractor clears snow from narrow road in forest near Lake Tahoe

TRPA Protocols Help Preserve Lake Clarity

Bill Higgins - Mar 02, 2017

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is using innovative solutions restore Lake Tahoe's historic water clarity.