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LA Metro Micro Transit

By: Unknown on Aug 31, 2020

LA Metro: Micro Transit

            In LA county 84% of the population continues to use their private automobile to commute to work. This contributes to the continuing congestion problems in the region as well as poor air quality in the region.

            LA Metro saw this issue and is working towards ways to reduce this number. One solution they are testing to resolve the problem is a new Micro Transit pilot program for people to use instead. Essentially they created an uber for buses. Like uber, these buses will follow turn-by-turn instructions from a navigation system that uses live traffic conditions and real-time request for pick-ups and drop-offs to generate the most efficient possible shared trips for Metro customers.

When transit stops are too far away from commuters homes or destination they are discouraged from using these services in the region. Therefore, LA Metro sees this program as complimenting their current transit system by helping people complete commutes while still using the current bus and rail services in the region. Specifically designed to encourage the use of multiple modes of public transportation this service will cost more than a normal bus fare but will be less that traditional ride share services such as Uber and Lyft. The in-between price range encourages users to utilize the service as a way to begin or finish a commute which will make using public transit easier. Hopefully with a new service that can pick up commuters wherever they are and take them where they want they will be more encouraged to use other forms of public transit as well.