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TAMC Exec Does the Right Thing for SB 1

By: Bill Higgins on Apr 12, 2017
Debbie Hale

It only took a moment, but Debbie Hale did the right thing.  She co-penned an article--with Carl Sedoryk, CEO of Monterey-Salinas Transit--that ran in the local paper The Californian to publicly thank her local Legislators. 

With a low score of only 50 out of 100, Monterey County has a county road system that is on the cusp of being graded "poor" in the statewide local needs assessment.  Or as Debbie put it, "our roads and bridges are crumbling." The issue was so acute in Monterey County that voters passed Measure X and Measure Q to start "chipping away" at a $2 billion backlog of road repairs and vulnerable transit service.   

But road funding is a two way street.  And Debbie noted that until the Legislature had acted on SB 1, the state had not been doing its part.  Noting that the gas tax had not changed in over twenty years, she wrote "You can’t support a 21st century transportation system with 1990’s revenues – our funding system doesn’t even recognize that electric vehicles are on the road. It is no wonder that our streets are in failing condition, and we can’t run our buses as many places, or as often, as they are needed."

But this is the statement that we really appreciate: 

"We are proud to say that our Monterey Bay delegation – Sens. Bill Monning and Anthony Cannella, and Assembly members Mark Stone and Anna Caballero – unanimously voted to repair our local roads and streets, increase bus service, and improve state highway safety and road conditions."

The article goes on to explain how Monterey County will benefit from SB 1.   It's really worth the read.  We encourage all of our members to reach out and similarly thank their Legislators who voted for SB 1.  We will let Debbie close, which acknowledges the vote of more than two thirds of Monterey County voters last November, to take us out:

Voting for taxes is a tough call – you know that because you made that decision last November. Let’s thank our state legislators for investing in the Monterey Bay regional economy and voting for SB 1.

Read the entire article.

Note:  we also acknowledge that these remarks were co-written by Carl Sedoryk. But since TAMC is a CALCOG member, we are giving all the credits to Debbie in this piece. 😀