Four Ways Prop 6 Will Affect Transportation Funding

Posted by: Executive Director on Sunday, September 30, 2018


  • Local Streets, Road & Bridge Repair. Proposition 6 would reduce funding for local streets and roads that are used for bridge repair, filling potholes, repaving roads, congestion relief, and complete street improvements (like the City of Sacramento’s Grid 3.0 program) by a third (33% reduction) from current levels. This would require cities and counties to significantly delay some projects and mothball others entirely. In most areas, the new level of funding would not be enough to keep up with current maintenance needs of the existing system, meaning more potholes and expensive repairs as pavement conditions deteriorate.


  • Key Regional Congestion and Mobility Projects.If Proposition 6 passes, many of the recent competitive programs that were created in which the Sacramento region competed successfully will cease to exist before all the appropriations can be made. This includes several key transportation projects in the Sacramento region:


  • I-5 Corridor Enhancement and the US 50 Multimodal Corridor projects, (awarded $125 million in the Solutions for Congested Corridors program).
  • Light rail vehicles and Gold Line Improvements in partnership (with the Sacramento Regional Transit District), and improved inter-city rail connections between the SACOG region, the Bay Area and the Central Valley (awarded $64.4 million and $581 million, respectively, under the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program)
  • $20 million for Capital Southeast Connector (awarded $20 million)
  • City of Sacramento’s Grid 3.0 (received $5 million)
  • Improving the City of Woodland’s Main Street (received $2 million)
  • The City of Placerville’s Western Placerville Interchanges (received $1 million)


  • Public Transportation.SB1 has added approximately $700 million statewide in new funding for public transportation.  The increased funding to the State Transit Assistance (STA) programs and Transit State of Good Repair (SGR) will be eliminated under the proposed constitutional amendment.  For the SACOG region, this would result in an approximately $8 million decrease in annual STA funding and $3.4 million in annual SGR funds will be eliminated.


  • Transformative Projects Going Forward.The least discussed type of transportation project that Proposition 6 will affect are those projects that are “on the drawing board” or “in the pipeline.” These are projects that are in a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) or Metropolitan Transportation Plan-Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP-SCS) that will stay on the shelf. Project delivery takes time and requires certainty, which in turn require sufficient sources of funding. It’s difficult for public agencies to invest limited public dollars in the early scoping and environmental assessment of these kind of projects if the long-range funding sources are not predictable. As a result, some of the most innovative or transformative projects are likely to stay on the shelf until a time when greater certainty re-emerges for transportation funding. 


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