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COG Directors Association of California
Exchange of Information
One of our most important program elements is to facilitate a fluid information exchange between our members. The experience of one is useful for others. The bimonthly meetings of the COG Directors Association of California are central to this effort.

The COG Directors discuss policy implications that affect the collective interests of our membership and regional relationship can be improved in a respective policy area. The conversations are often frank, to the point, and meaningful. It’s a safe forum to discuss similarities and differences, all the while respecting the regional diversity that is a characteristic of this state.

Technical Advice for the Board
The COG Directors also serve as an important technical and policy advisory committee to the CALCOG Board. The chair of the CDAC serves on CALCOG Executive Committee, which is authorized to take action between meetings of the CALCOG Board.

Chair Person
The current chair of the COG Directors is Debbie Hale, from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County. The Vice-Chair is currently vacant.  Here is a list of past chairs.